Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Received copy of my new book WARRIOR OF THE BORDER STRUGGLE, published by New Man Publication, Mumbai. It is a biography of Bapusaheb Patil Ekambekar trascreated by me into English from Marathi. Bapusaheb’s name and fame is an honor to the land of his birth as well as to the age in which he lived. His inspiring personality is well known in both Maharashtra and Karnataka. As a lone leader of the Marathi-speaking people in the border areas, he fought singularly for their betterment and set an example of high ethical living. I am sure that it will help readers to understand not only the life and work of Bapusaheb but also to cognize the border struggle and problems of affected people of 865 Marathi-speaking villages and towns, forcibly included into Karnataka. This can also be read as a typical English biography. Dr. J. M. Waghmare, the founder Vice-Chancellor of SRTM Universty, Nanded and Ex-Member of the Parliament, one of Bapusaheb’s close associates has written Foreword to this book. I hope, as my reader friends welcomed my earlier books, this book too will be welcomed and appreciated by you. Soon the book will be released officially in a grand function and will  also be available online for vast redership. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

In the Workshop on New Syllabus Held at Yeshwant College, Nanded

Talking in the Workshop on New Syllabus Held at Yeshwant College, Nanded on 1st Sept 2014. In this Workshop Three Books Edited by Our Board are Launched at the Hands of 
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar.