Friday, April 1, 2011

New books 1) Indian Writing in English: Speculations and Observations 2)Critical Essays on Indian English Poetry and Drama: Texts and Contexts

Critical Essays on Indian English
 Poetry and Drama:
Texts and Contexts

ISBN 978-81-7273-562-3
The present book is an enterprising anthology that offers new ideas and disclosure of themes and motifs in the corpus of Indian English Poetry and Drama. A diverse range of essays forms the substance of this book, which will infallibly augment the reader’s interest in this area. The essays in this collection discuss output in poetry and drama from across the length and breadth of the nation.
This book accumulates wide-ranging critiques on pertinent concerns. Scholarly essays on the works of renowned poets and playwrights govern the compilation of this book. It is delightful to take cognizance of the fact that works by women poets and playwrights have also been featured in. The book evinces genuine critical attention and is a substantial venture. It will pave a way for expanding the literary horizons of the scholars as well as readers.
 Indian Writing in English:
Speculations and Observations
ISBN 978-81-7273-585-2
Over the years, Indian English literature has seen many eminent literary figures who have contributed to the growth of Indian writing in English. This current book, Indian Writing in English: Speculations and Observations  brings forth a galaxy of scholarly observations by eminent scholars and established writers on Indo-English Writing spread in the major genres—Poetry, Drama, Novel and Short-Story. The uniqueness of this anthology is that most of the contributors are established creative writers, poets, novelists or editors of literary journals of international repute. With various themes and technicalities introduced in Indo-English creative writing, these scholars have also found interest in exploring the implicit intricacies through their critical and appreciative writing. The present book is a humble attempt to bring together the social, political, cultural aspects intertwined with psychological and temperamental mindsets of individual characters portrayed in the Indo-English writings. This book would surely prove to be a judicious march towards understanding the grandeur of Indian English writing, not only on the native but also on the international platform.

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