Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ph.D viva-voce: As an external referee at SRTM University.

Conducted Ph.D viva-voce of Mrs. Kajal Bhandari (Now Dr. Kajal Bhandari, Aurangabad) as an external referee at SRTM University, Nanded on 24/2/2014. Her defence was wonderful. Principal Dr. Vibhakar Mirajkar (Her research supervisor), Dr.Ajay Tengase (Dean, Faculty of Arts and Chairperson), Dr. Mukta Mahajan (Professor, Jalgoan University and external referee of another candidate of Dr.  Mirajkar), Principal Dr. Vaman Patil, Dr. Mannikar participated in discussion. A wonderful intellectual meet and experience. Congrats to both candidates and research supervisor.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Receiving “Dr.Kausalyayan Puraskar” declared to my elder brother Professor Dr. Sanjay Nawale for his contribution to Hindi translation

राज्य पातळीवरील अनुवादीत  ग्रंथसंपदेसाठी दिला जाणारा “उत्कृष्ठ अनुवादकाचा" माझे जेष्ठ बंधू डॉ. संजय नवले यांना जाहीर झालेला “डॉ भदन्त आनंद कौसल्यायन पुरस्कार” सकाळ वृतपत्र समूहाचे मुख्य संपादक व जेष्ठ साहित्यिक मा. उत्तम कांबळे यांच्या हस्ते,  माझे बंधू  डॉ. संजय कांही तांत्रिक कारणामुळे उपस्थित न राहू शकल्यामुळे यांच्या अनुपस्थित त्यांच्या वतीने  मी स्विकारला. सर्वांचे आभार. लातूर, दिनांक २3/०४/२०१४.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

VIEW (Voices of the Indian English Writers)

Both first n second issues of our journal VIEW (Voices of Indian English Writers, an international Peer Reviewed Journal of English Language and Literature ISSN 2347-7717) received to me today. Due to technical problems, issues are delayed to get printed and hence both issues are brought together.
Feeling happy that VIEW is being 'viewed' and 'reviewed' by literary scholars and critics with appreciation. Feeling nice to be associated with Dr. Ratan n Dr Jaydeep for these two issues of 2013and could help them in editing, correcting, formating draft of issues. Now this journal will appeare in new form with new editorial board from 2014 issues. My one paper and one review on my one of books also appeared in it. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


ENGCONF2014, Banglore
With Scholar Friends at Two Day International Conference on
Postcolonial Voices in South Asian Literature and Cinema, GCC, Banglore, 7-8 Feb. 2014